Still Breathing

by Home & Away

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"Still Breathing" was recorded at Vibe Studios in Mantua, Ohio with Johnny Burke and at Evan Murray Audio in St. Louis, Missouri from October 2012 to April 2013. All songs were mixed by Johnny Burke (except "Whisper to Me" - mixed by Evan Murray) and mastered by Johnny Burke. All music written and performed by Home & Away.


released April 27, 2013

Recorded by Johnny Burke (Except Corneria, Nut Up or Shut Up, Whisper to Me) Mixed by Johnny Burke (Except Whisper to Me) Mastered by Johnny Burke. Guest vocals on "Whisper to Me" by Liz Greub of I Am Nation



all rights reserved


Home & Away St Louis, Missouri

Home & Away is:

Bryan Casselman- Vocals
Nick Vandas - Guitar/Vocals

David Fernandez - Bass
Evan Murray - Guitar/Vocals

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Track Name: Corneria
These city lights are blinding and hot enough to kill. but it's closing time and I think I've had my fill.
we wander city streets half dead half alive. dreams laid to waste in search of a place to rest our eyes

Don't let go,
I've got yours, if you've got mine
It's a lonely road
And Every inch an uphill climb
Take it slow
I'll catch you if you fall behind
Don't let go
Take my hand and close your eyes

Lets just pretend for a while
That the night is ours and we'll be young forever.
Track Name: Our Scars Sing Lullabies

the morning smells of coffee and my mouth is dry from drinking again a cigarette on the balcony and sounds good with my new friends

you think you've tried so hard but we both know that that's a lie if you haven't noticed I am calling you out for the low life human being you are

and if you think that I ever need your help just remember I found family somewhere else

I never needed you
my friends have got my back and that's something you could never do
your discouraging through and through
now I'll share my life with them too bad it's what you could have had your a lost cause oh well I'll get over it.

this isn't something you can just take back fuck you for failing at your greatest task you're selfish you're mean this will haunt you in the end good luck with your useless life I'll be a better man

I never needed you
Track Name: Nut Up or Shut Up
There's not much that I'm good at
never been one for the nine to five's and these dirty floors feel more like home than any house I've ever known

I'm an anxious 20 something
vagabond living off ramen
I'm at my best somewhere between the exit signs

they say it's gets better when your older
but all I've gotten is just colder
And father away from who I want to be

So this time I'll dive right in
hold nothing back, no fear and no regrets
I'm gonna make a man of me.

it's time to get up off the ground
Shake off the dust and blow this town and I want you standing right next to me
put your money with your mouth we've talked this to death turned it inside out
last exit home, no turning around
so are you with me

So I'm stuck in Santa Fe
You call it cramped but I call it home. and you've been dragging your feet for so long all this mud has turned to stone. I'd take a heart that was just complacent rather than shallow self centered and nascent too busy complaining to enjoy the view.

I'm not turning around
so are you with me

our time is now
and I want you with me

are you in or out
So are you with me

no backing down
And I want you with me

I'll stand my ground
Will you stand here with me

last time around
And I'm taking you with me

this is the moment's you'll remember


this is the moment's you'll remember


so are you with me
I'm taking you with me
Track Name: Riders of Rohan
Fist's up
here comes the second round
eyes straight
this is more than just survival now what matters is can you stand when the world just wants to knock you down
this is a voice you'll fail trying to fight I've shed every skin but mine put all my fears aside
I'm not ready
I'm not ready to die

what the hell was I supposed to look up to you're dead end job or the dreams you never had the guts to make come true

(the guts to make come true)

I refuse to apologize for moving forward while you're satisfied with just standing still

(with just standing still)

you'll live and die in the same zip code

we caught fire in the middle of the storm it may burn and boil but it keeps us warm
living life between the lights and sounds we'll burn up before we ever burn out

if home is where the heart is this is my house and you're my heartbeat

take heart my brothers
we've already won the victory
shoulder to shoulder
I'll carry you if you'll carry me
don't lose courage
no room for doubt left in your mind
this cities burning
but I'm not ready
I'm not ready to die
So I read the news today. about how you missed home, all your money was gone and how you would rather just fade away. I'll never understand how you can call it quits. we're all poor as hell or did you forget. You can keep your normalcy, you fucking hypocrite.

I'd be cutting out my own heart
and I would rather die for this

So as for me and mine
we'll lay it on the line
To pick up the slack you've left behind

Don't you remember when
all that mattered was this. to the road, the beginning, middle and the end. yeah it require's sacrifice lonely days and driving all night.
Join the club. bony knees and sleepy eyes. It was always love at first sight.

So as for me and mine
we'll lay it on the line
To pick up the slack you've left behind

Rise or die, we'll stand or fall together
No compromise
fuck money tour forever

So go ahead and take your bow.
We wish you well now,
No time to waste
You gave up your ground
it's up to us to make history now


We'll do whatever it takes
bleed out on every stage
Don't need lights to spell our name. No quit in us, take this to your grave.

eyes on the stars
Head in the clouds
every bruise and scar
is our solemn vow
this is who we are
we'll burn the building down
no skin, just heart
We're taking over now

Rise or die, we'll stand or fall together
No compromise
fuck money tour forever
Track Name: Come At Me, Bro!
So words were exchanged
and three long years went by without saying a single thing sometimes we just move on

no I'm not angry but I'm not easy I found my grass a little greener gotta say I'm glad that you were gone

yes it's over, but we're not under floating idle, not getting younger
we've been beating this dead for far too long

so I'll write a postcard so you can see the view from here
the place you used to live
the things you'll never feel again
maybe you want to see the signs and state lines, the sound and stage lights
some things you say you just can't change sometimes you just move on

go wrap your apologies around your throat I've choked enough down for us both

call it thin but at least I gave a shit

so here we are collecting dust just memories confined to rust

call it thin but at least I gave a shit


I think it's time for me to lay this pen down hands are shaking and the ink is running out
I've said what I can spoken my piece laid myself bare for the whole world to see
come on skip the apologies no need for amends let's wipe the slate and just shake Hands
I won't live in your shadow but I'd stand at your side once we were brothers can't we lay down our pride
so call this a eulogy for all that we used to mean we'll start fresh and come clean it's time we just move on

so here's your fucking three chords I'm sorry they're all I'm good for
Track Name: Whisper to Me (feat. Liz Greub)
There's a frequency
One to share
That we operate on
Are you tuned in?
Cause I hear a whisper
I love the light I see in your eyes
Like city lights from satellites

Just like the northern sky
With lights we whisper
Our hearts the hymns, watching
The sky in colors
Just like the northern sky
With lights we whisper
Our hearts the hymns, watching
The sky in colors

and I feel your frequency running cables through my body let your heart sing me to sleep
if your voice bellows out a melody I'll tune right in and be your harmony a song to sweet to sing

it's only getting louder
as I hear you whisper back

We orbit this planet
With hearts immune to gravity
The spark you gave me
Burning reciprocating

with hearts immune to gravity