Home & Away

by Home & Away

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released April 28, 2012



all rights reserved


Home & Away St Louis, Missouri

Home & Away is:

Bryan Casselman- Vocals
Nick Vandas - Guitar/Vocals

David Fernandez - Bass
Evan Murray - Guitar/Vocals

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Track Name: Last Exit Home
400 miles and nothing has changed
Still the same kid with this dreamers disease
Tell mom I love her and I'm doing fine
We might be late, but we're coming home in style
Track Name: Dreams Come True, They Don't Come Free
Testing 1,2,3
Is anybody out there still listening?
Can we please just start this over?
Can we please just start this over?
This silence is anything but golden
I can feel my heart is growning colder
Be careful with what your hands are holding
These precious seconds make us bolder
Cause I'm the hitman with the hit's making the melodies
So long since this song has been sung for me
Can we please just start this over
Let's please just start this over

And we've wasted all our faith
Drowning in this fear
(Whoa oh)
And we've tasted everything
Till our souls are bleeding clear
And we've wasted all our faith
Drowning in this fear
(Whoa oh)
And we've tasted everything
And were not even near
To what is still in store

Whoa oh
Whoa oh oh

Twenty-nine and counting down
But this dreamers' disease won't let me out
I will go till my lungs burn up
Across station to station, from town to town
Through the rain, through the snow, and the sleet
Just you and me and miles to go before we sleep
I've saved the best for last
Just you wait and see

Track Name: Learning Lessons
When will you learn, when will you learn
When will you learn, when will you learn
With our heads in the sand and our mouths sewn shut
Trying hard not to breathe, but it's never enough

Forget burning bridges and hold back your white flags
Sheets of napalm made your bed
Curtains up, let's start this show

Now you've drawn your line in the sand with
These battle scars criss-crossing and
Connecting dots back to where we first began
So you'll tell the lies and I'll be the liar
I'll fan the flames, but you started this fire and
If were going down at least let's burn out bright

Let's set this house aflame
Pretend our hands are clean (salt the earth!)
With pride we dug our graves
And now were dying in them

Track Name: Tour Guide from the Underworld
(Check 1, 2!) Ready to kill! I’ve laid this armor down
What did you expect from me? To crawl back at your feet?
(Check 1,2!) Read to kill! I did the best with what was given
And I’m through begging for forgiveness
For these things I never said
So here’s to you, all the best!

Count to 10 and settle down
There’s enough broken bones to go around (BONES TO GO AROUND!)
The truth is there’s evidence
That you have wasted your crown (WASTED YOUR CROWN!)
Spit up your lies and spread them out
All this venom can’t save you now

(Got a mouth like a loaded gun
And two sidewinders on the tip of my tongue
History has a way of catching up
And I swear it’s coming with a vengeance)

The ground here it’s unsettled
And you blame me, it’s always something
I’ll bury us alive to keep the past the past
This misery wasn’t worth maintaining
The war is over, your back is breaking
I’ll bury us alive to keep the past the past
I’ll bury us alive tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight

(You think you’re all grown up and
All is well in your revery
But I’m still young and you’re just old
Tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight)

Track Name: Chanel No. Five
Sun falling off the edge of highway 10
Quiet was a lie so we only got louder
Swearing we’d be down this road again
Singing ‘I’ll write you visions of my summer
So we’re the hook in this shitty van
With lines we didn't write
We used every chance to sing
Just a little bit louder
So we sang just a little bit louder (little bit louder)

You’re still my favorite record
All the skips and scratches just make it sweeter
I think I could live forever
In that one summer
With memories half stitched together
From these storms we weren’t meant to weather
I swear it feels like forever
Since that one summer

Windows down stuck on the 405
The coast isn’t the same without you
Same song but the notes aren’t quite right
It still brings a smile to my face
So I’m the hook and
You’re my melody
I wish I could tell you you’re the reason I still sing
Just a little bit louder
So we sang just a little bit louder (little bit louder)

Now all the leaves are falling
But I’m right back here crawling
To where the nothings meant everything
OH! Should’ve known
I should’ve known, should’ve seen this coming
How do we get back?
When do we get back?
Can we just get back to where we were something?

So we sang just a little bit louder (We were something)

You’re still my favorite record
All the skips and scratches just make it sweeter
I think I could live forever
In that one summer
Track Name: Less Than Three
Guess this is it, teaching my sorrows to swim
As I pour another drink and I'm not at home with you
You're an anchor for me to hold to
And without an anchor I'm listless in the wind

You sang me to sleep when I wa a kid
Taught me to throw so that my team could win
Now that I'm grown I'm thankful for all that you've done
Helped me be strong when I thought I was weak
Kept me in line when I drifted astray
Now that I'm grown I'm thankful for all that you've done
Now that I'm grown I still can't thank you enough
Without you I'd have never grown up

I know you think I never listen, but I've learned a thing or two
About alone in California stuck at 22
With no friends, no family
A thousand miles from home
How you gave up all your hopes and dreams
Just to make sure I had one
I'm sorry I can't tell you all my thank you's to your eyes
I just can't stand to give you tears even if they are of the good kind
You were my mother and my father
My provider and best friend
Words could never be enough but I'll sing if you'll listen, listen

There might be miles and moutains
That seperate us now
But every step that I take is because you taught me how
And I know I'll never be alone even when I cannot see
Because I can still hear your voice
Track Name: Boarding Call
I'm hanging up the phone and booking flights to Baltimore
I think she knows I'm making my way home
Been cutting 60 hour week checks and
Breaking down at break neck speed
I think it's time I made my way back home

Cause the backpack on my shoulders heavy
Heavy like the eyes she's wearing
Final call for boarding at this time
She maintains composure through the ariport
Gets in her car and locks the doors
She hope's she can make it the whole way home

Best friends say they last forever and
I'm sure they do
But it's so much harder when
You used to say I love you
It's been three years though it was hard
We're both happy
Now i know I wouldn't have changed a thing

Cause the backpack on her shoulder's heavy but
Where she's going she's not worried
Her flight left much earlier than mine
I barely kept my own composure but
Where she's going is so much warmer
Now I'm glad she's gone cause I've got mine

This terminal's not the end
Promise your outbound somewhere, somewhere
Track Name: Han Always Shot First
I’ve been spinning out
I’ve lost my handle even though
I promised I’m falling out, I’m falling out
24 days and 16 hours spent in this corner
Crawling through this town
Waiting for just a word from you
Now I know it’s never coming

When do we stop running?

GO! Go ahead and drag this out
Should’ve seen this coming before now
NO! You can keep all your sympathies
The ‘it’s not you’s and and ‘weren’t meant to be’s

Pretty paradox you drag me on and out
Kicking and screaming but the sound
Is not enough for you to let me go
I hope you’re happy, I hope you’re well
‘Cause you’ve got a special place in hell
Reserved for you, I hope that
Paris was fucking worth it

Was he worth it?


Another cliché, another noose
Another lie, oh what’s the use?
I hate your voice, I hate your skin
I hate to say I miss you now and then
Track Name: Red Navy Jade (Paint Your Picture)
I have a heavy heart for all that you've been through
And I'll never fully understand
But I can stand beside you
Cause I can't stand to see you suffer
I promise there'll be calmer weather
Just hold your head up high and you will get through

Cause there's room on my shoulders
For you rise to paint the colors of
What you want your life to look like
I may not have been there
But i will support you and
Hopefully this song will give you strength
This song will give you strength

I don't care how it happened
None of this was ever your fault and
I'll say it one more time
What you did, what you said and
What you wore
I promise your
Still as beautiful as the day you were born

Just hold your head up high
And you will make it through
You will make it through

When you lay your head down tonight
And your thoughts won't seem to subside
Remember I'm on your side
I won't let you go without a fight
In the dark I'll be your whole light
When you can't stand I'll hold you upright
Know I believe in you and
You will make through
Track Name: The Adventures of Steelix and Politoed
Taking pictures of the smallest things cause they were yours
Telling stories of the silly things we used to do when we were bored
Sitting wrapped in Christmas lights
Your jeans, your shirt, they turn to white
For every word I speak of you
I smile
Smile for all the times we had
Smile for all the good and bad
I smile for you now
Since you can't smile back

So life's an adventure
And now I'm living it for two

For two

I've asked myself this question more than once
Why did you have to go
Was there something I could have done? (What could I have done?)
Than I hear your voice in the back of my mind
A stitch of a memory flashes across my eyes
I see you smile
You rush back in just like a flood
Seven years of hearing your bad jokes all at once
Watching Harry Potter till dawn
Wondering if we'd ever catch them all
Seventeen could never be enough
But it was

I hate to picture a spotlight
With just enough room
To bump your elbows in the darkness
Who could have known you thought you were lost there

And now I'm living this for you